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Tinder Rolls Out Spring Break Mode

Tinder Blog | Get on Tinder and look for the Spring Break card. From there, you can add your Spring Break destination to see who’s going where. Let’s face it, the party is always wherever you’re at.

A slow recovery underway for Spring Break in Panama City Beach. Early figures on revenue for March of this year showed an increase of 19.2 percent over the 2016 revenue loss after enacting thee new "Spring Beak Ordances."

OUR VIEW: Signal for a fun Spring Break

Panama City News Herald | There are signs of things being toned down this Spring Break by law enforcement......

Spring Break 2019 in Panama City Beach, Fl

Today when people speak about "Spring Break" in the U.S., they think about Panama City Beach, Florida (PCB).

Located on the Florida panhandle PCB has over 27 miles of dazzlingly-white beaches on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Panama City's moderate prices, outrageous nightlife and Spring Break activities at the many bars and clubs located on the beach have made it a popular destination for knowledgable Spring Breakers.

For many years, MTV considered Panama City as a destination of choice for its official coverage of Spring Break.

More than 500,000 students have made Spring Break in Panama City Beaches their destination for the past couple of years.

There are many hotels and codos that have special deals for Spring Break.

Spring Break Central during the day is the Holiday Inn SunSpree, on the west side of town where most of the hotels are located. They have a beachside stage with activities scheduled most of the day.

You will also find that most of the corporate sponsored events are staged at the Sunspree beach or over at Club la Vela.

Fast food and a supermarket are within walking distance of the hotel and they have a refrigerator and microwave in each room. So, even if you are not staying in the Sunspree try to hook up with someone that is.... The Sunspree does have a beachside grill for pizza, dogs, burgers and beer and a beachside bar. If you opt for a tour operator's meal program, you may find that some of the meals are served there.

Don't expect to do any surfing; PCB is on the Gulf of Mexico, and the water is pretty flat. You can rent jet skies and sailboats from one of the vendors just off the Sunspree beach property. parasailing vendor, Just make sure that you bring your iPod, some SPF-15, a good cooler and safety gear. It is a good bet that if you are not in bed recovering, you are going to be tanning on the beach till the sun goes down.

When the sun goes down, plan on being at the world famous Sharkys Beach Bash as seen on MTV. Every Tuesday this event of 4000 breakers is sold out! It is a Must Party! Finish off the day when dusk comes with the original Pub-Crawl as seen on Girls Gone Wild. This limited space event will have up to 10 motorcoaches bringing you into the heart of the five hottest clubs and ending at Club La Vela. For seven weeks a year Panama City Beach turns into the worlds largest strip with it’s own free shuttle service from beachside hotels to all of the major bars and nightclubs like Club La Vela, Hammerhead Fred’s, Sharkys, Calypsos Caribbean Bar & Grill and Hooters.

Since the volume of fun is directly proportional to the size of the party you will find that it is a good idea to hangout where the scheduled theme parties are. The clubs do have a cover and most of the time the lines are long to get in. If you don’t want to deal with that #*% you need to get a "Panamaniac Party Card " your passport to free cover, beer and t-shirts as well as local discounts.

PCB 2019 Events

Beach Bash Music Fest 2019

Tuesday March 12th: DJ Pauly D

Club La Vela Concerts

Monday March 4th: TBA

Tuesday March 5th: TBA

Thursday March 7th: TBA

Monday March 11th: TBA

Tuesday March 12th: TBA

Thursday March 14th: TBA

Friday March 15th: TBA

Monday March 18th: TBA

Tuesday March 19th: TBA

Thursday March 21th: TBA

Sunday March 24th: TBA

Tuesday March 26th: TBA

Thursday March 28th: TBA

Tuesday April 2nd: TBA

Thursday April 4th: TBA

Spring Break Party Cards

The most popular Panama city Beach Party Card for over twenty one (21) years the PANAMAMANIAC CLUB CARD.


Spring Break News

PCB makes no move on Spring Break alcohol ban extension into April

News Herald | “I think what we’re doing is working,” Solis said. “I think we need to bring in more mutual aid in the daytime before [any issues] reach the night. I don’t see the need for any extension.”"

Panama City's Spring break laws lifted as April kicks off

WJHG-TV | Now that April has kicked off, Panama City's Spring break laws, among others, have been lifted.

Officials: PCB Spring Break regrowth ‘slow and steady’

News Herald | In 2017, spending started to creep back up for both hotels and rentals, a trend both city and tourism officials are counting on seeing continue.

9 PCB Spring Break laws to know in 2018

The following laws will be enforced as “zero tolerance” Spring Break ordinances during March 2018 in Panama City Beach.

A slow recovery underway for Spring Break in Panama City Beach. Early figures on revenue for March of this year showed an increase of 19.2 percent over the 2016 revenue loss after enacting the new "Spring Beak Ordances."

OUR VIEW: Signal for a fun Spring Break

Panama City News Herald | There are signs of things being toned down this Spring Break by law enforcement......

Panama City Beach is the setting for the new MTV Series "Floribama Shores" the capital of Spring Break.

MTV’s “Shore” franchise is back and heading to a familiar place... Panama City Beach, FL.

Last Years News

SPRING BREAK 2017: And they’re off!

The Walton Sun | Electronic signs on the roads leading into Destin warned people about the zero-tolerance underage drinking policy being enforced......

OUR VIEW: Signal for a fun Spring Break 2017

Panama City News Herald |There are signs of things being toned down this Spring Break by law enforcement......

PCB - Commission to vote on alcohol rules on portions of Shell Island

Drinking alcohol on portions of Shell Island will be legal in March once again — but remain illegal anywhere else on the beaches....

Club La Vela named to Top 100 Clubs in the world

The Barcelona-based International Nightlife Association ranked the Thomas Drive "super-club" as No. 87 on its 2016 "Top 100 World's Best Clubs" list.

TravelMag’s survey has revealed Panama City Beach is favorite spring break destination.

The 20 most popular spring break locations worldwide based on Google search queries.

Panama City Beach 11 Percent Cheaper Than It Was in 2015

We teamed up with Booking.com to shed some light on the least expensive places for Spring Break 2016.

"Beach Bash Music Fest" music festival announced for PCB 2016

The "Beach Bash Music Fest" returns to Sharky’s Beach Club in Panama City Beach for Spring Break 2016 with a mix of EDM and country music.

PCB Still Spring Break Capital of the World

PRWEB 9/15 - Panama City Beach’s local business owners are all united in our effort to provide students with a fun, safe and memorable Spring Break 2016 experience.

New 'Spring Jam' proposed in Panama City Beach for 2016

PCB to invest about $1.7 million in expenses to put on “Spring Jam” event to be held March 31 through April 2, 2016.

Top PCB Bars & Night Clubs

Top Ten Tips for PCB

Panama City allows you to drink on the beach, but no glass bottles are allowed!

There are huge clubs and bars that really cater to students. Panama City is home to Club La Vela, the largest beach club in the United States. Other big spots include Spinnaker, Harpoon Harry’s, Sharky’s and Hamerhead Fred’s.

Party Cards like the Panamanic Club Card are avilable to get you into the best parties at a bargin price.

There are corporate sponsored events during the day by Sports Illustrated, Jansen, National Lampoon, etc. Most of the activities and contests takes place on the beach behind the Holiday Sunspree or over at the larger clubs.

Marketing companies like the CMG agency help to bring corporate sponsored events to PCB from companies like Sports Illustrated, Jansen, National Lampoon, etc.

Many of the hotels have rooms with kitchens, you need to book early if you want one.

Save about $95 per person, there are no expensive departure taxes, like you fill find in Jamaica, Cancun, Acapulco and Nassau.

The drinking age in Florida is 21 but you can get into the bars and clubs if you are at least 18. And yes, the bars and clubs are very strict on IDs.

There is plenty of "fast food" beachside, several supermarkets, and a Walmart. The local mall and city stores are 15 minutes away, depending on traffic.

Expect to spend between 200-300 dollars during your trip..

Remember to protect yourself with SPF 15 Sunblock every day.

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