Spring Break 2017 News

Lake Havasu Spring Break Promoter SWAT Leaves for MX

SWAT - Summer Winter Action Tours announced in September that they will be moving SWATOPOIA from Lake Havasu to Rosarito Beach, Mexico for Spring Break 2017.

Panama City's New Spring Break Laws Cause 85 Mil Loss

PCB's New Spring Break Laws enacted last March to clean up Spring Break drove students to other domestic destinations reesulting in an estimated 85 million dollar revenue loss.

Cuba Is Becoming Accessable for Spring Break 2017

As of August, there are now 20 new daily non-stop flights to Havana’s José Martí International Airport from Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, and United.

Spring Break 2016 News

Spring Break 2016 The Ultimatte Destination

Imagine having your own private island for your Spring Break. Located in the heart of the South Pacific, Spring break Fiji is...

Why Panama City Beach Remains the Top U.S. Spring Break Destination?

Panama City Beach has been able to create several massive sized venues like Club Lavela, Spinnaker Beach Club, Sharky’s Beach Club, Harpoon Harry’s, Hammerhead Fred’s, and The Sandpiper Beacon’s Tiki Bar. These...

Is Spring Break 2016 in Cuba Possible?

In Canada it is pretty real? Toronto based Campus Vactions is offering Spring Break 2016 trips to Varadero Beach...

Zika Virus | A Spring Break Buzz Kill

The Center for Diease Control has issued a Level 2 Travel Alert and has created a comprehensive“Resource Site” with information...

Obama's Spring Break 2016 Trips

Obama's Spring Break 2016 trip to Cuba had plenty of official business on the itinerary, but the spring-break-timed trip is also clearly designed for an Obama Family Spring Break.

BeachBash Music Fest Spring Break 2016

The BeachBash Music Fest returns to Sharky’s Beach Club in Panama City Beach for Spring Break 2016 with a mix of EDM...

Robert De Niro celebrates the Last Rite of Spring Break...

You talkin' to me, Zac Efron? | A Spring Break Sex + Drugs + Aging Comedy

A new 3 day music event at Ocho Rios, with the biggest DJ’s, music stars...

Paradise Lost 2016 is redefining Spring Break in Jamaica as the Caribbean’s #1 EDM festival. Experience 3 days and nights of non-stop music...

Spring Break 2017 News Links

Booking.com Spring Break 2017 Travel Trends

The following week-to-week recommendations highlight additional great savings for travelers....

Miami Beach wants spring breakers to keep it chill this year

The strategy includes a ban on coolers, tents and inflatable devices on the beach, along with stricter enforcement of the existing ban on alcohol on the sand. Neighborhood streets would also be closed off to nonresidents, and noise limitation on amplified music would be enforced....

Tybee Island, Georgia | If ordinance passes, the spring break party on Tybee Island could be different

If officials pass the proposal, Tybee Island would ban the consumption of alcohol in public from March to just before Memorial Day..

Gulf Shores, Florida |Spring breaking in Gulf Shores? Leave the booze behind

The Gulf Shores City Council on Monday unanimously voted to extend a ban on alcohol at its beaches during the spring break season — March 4-April 16....

Lake Havasu, Arizona | Noise ordinance, hotel prices drove SWAT away

Spring break organizer SWAT was issued noise citation in 2016; Havasu CVB will target spring breakers in 2017 with a new marketing campaign...

Lake Havasu, Arizona | Group behind Havasu’s spring break activities heading to Baja California in 2017

Summer Winter Action Tours the company behind the bulk of Lake Havasu City’s organized college spring break activities won’t be coming back in 2017, said its vice president Thursday evening...

Spring Break 2016 News Links

Durbanites Party at Spring Break Down Under

MORE THAN 7 500 Durbanites celebrated the start of the season at uShaka Marine World’s Wet ‘n Wild annual Spring Break party on Saturday...

Spring Break Session 2016 by ugh ugh ugh Vimeo

Le Spring Break à fait son grand retour cette année. Une bien belle journée passée au soleil sur les pentes du Semnoz. Au programme, un Water Slide, du mini golf, du lancer de hâche, du shred mais surtout du Chill entre potes.

Secret to a great spring break Spring Break Kroatien 2016

Within minutes of arriving in Daytona Beach and watching the coeds....

The SPUTNIK SPRING BREAK 2016 festival in Germany celebrates itss ninth year.

SPUTNIK SPRING BREAK sold out with over 25,000 young music fans from Germany and all over Europe....

Spring Break 2016 boosts March alcohol sales to $3.1 million on South Padre Island

Louie's Backyard reported nearly $855,000 in alcohol sales, more than any other bar or restaurant in the Rio Grande Valley....

Some resorts still open for spring-break 2016 getaways as a great season comes to an end

Spring conditions will dominate the hillsides as the season winds down, but some ski areas plan to stay open for a while longer to take advantage of the abudant snow.

Spring break for grownups: cool destinations for the kid in you

Whether you're 30, 40 or 50, you too deserve a spring break. No, scratch that - you deserve it more than the twentysomethings...

So Padre | Spring Break 2016 By The Numbers

The numbers are in for spring break crime related statistics in South Padre Island.

Wondering where the best spring destinations are?

Here are some of the best spring destinations discovered by 16 outstanding travel bloggers from around the world.

We Asked Kids Raging at Spring Break 2016 if They Think College Is Too PC

Have colleges become too PC for their own good? We went to spring break at Lake Havasu, Arizona, and asked college students what they thought...

Iowa State players save woman from sinking car while on spring break

When presented the opportunity to step into action for someone in need, a group of Iowa State football players rushed into it while on Spring Break at South Padre Island, Texas.

Tourists share their shocking spring break confessions

American party-goers have revealed some of their most disgusting secrets and tales from their week off in popular destinations including Cancun, Miami and Cabo San Lucas.

The U.S. State Department Gave Hilariously Bad Spring Break Advice on Twitter & You Need To See It

If you don’t already know what’s up, you shouldn’t be allowed to travel outside of your house. Like, you should know this:...

How big was Spring Break in Daytona Beach?

The city says it's the biggest Spring Break in decades because of a crackdown in the Panhandle.

Young Brits go berserk for spring break in Cancun

Spring Breakers across the country are ditching Magaluf and the like to join American partiers in Mexico...

Spring Broke Reveals the Spring Break Origin Story

Spring Broke is am engaging story of the two scrappy Florida towns that once duked it out...

Spring Break Essentials for the Men of the One Percent

if you're spending a little more to get out of the country this spring break, reach for the kinds of sandals you'd never wear in the shower at the gym,...

The Short, Sexist History of the Wet T-Shirt Contest, a Symbol of Spring Break Debauchery

The premise of the contest is simple: Women — typically hot, inebriated women — don thin white T-shirts with nothing underneath and get doused with water. As a crowd watches...

Pros and cons of spring break according to Jimmy Fallon

Midterms are over and students are trading books for bathing suits, and heading to their favorite destination, however, that every spring break trip comes with pros and cons.

Cruise giant Carnival Corp. wins approval for Cuba sailings,

Carnival Corp.'s Fathom brand will begin voyages to Cuba in May. Carnival was the first U.S. cruise company in more than 50 years to be granted approval to sail from the U.S. to Cuba.

FDOT Suspends Road Construction Closures Along Spring Break Routes

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is suspending highway construction projects on major roadways along spring break routes across Northwest Florida through Sunday, March 27, 2016.

Fort Lauderdale's Six Best Spring-Break Videos

For spring break, they flocked with the other Midwestern college students to our beaches.

Vintage photos show spring break hasn't changed much

The swimsuits have changed a little and so has the music blaring from inside cars, but through the years, spring break celebration has stayed pretty consistent.

A Mexican goes on spring break at Mexico’s tackiest resort town

Cancun is well known among young Americans as a spring break fantasy land to get wasted, get laid, and eat too much “Mexican” food

Victoria’s Secret PINK Spring Break Party

3/15 Mandala Beach Club - Victoria’s Secret PINK Spring Break Party in Cancun 12-4 p.m.

It's No Secret! Spring Break Is Just One Big Party

UARK 3/14/2016 | Morgan suggests these five things to consider during spring break:...


Update SC 3/9/2016 | To find out to which SB spots all the cool kids are hitting this year, we asked a bunch of them...

Spring break safety tips

Update SC 3/9/2016 | Regardless of whether you plan on drinking or not, here are some other tips to help you stay safe during spring break:...

The latest policing tool to monitor spring breakers: Drones

Wash Post 3/9/2016 | “In South Padre, Tex., law enforcement officials faced an additional question before the department bought two drones ahead of this year’s influx of spring break revelers:...

Spring Break 2016 Blues

“While everyone else is legally sipping on fruity drinks and soaking up vitamin D by the shore, Netflix is always there to save you and be your best friend ...

Collegiate spring breakers shrug off the Zika virus

“I’m not going to let it affect my trip, but I’ll be careful about what I do in Cancun,” says Kyle...

10 volunteer programs to make a difference on spring break 2016

USA TODAY (March 5, 2016) — A few international programs offer students a chance to help migrants, while others....

Spring Break 2016 Guide of Palm Beach County

Here are the best beaches, waterfront bars and things to do in Palm Beach County for Spring Break 2016...

4 ways to save money on your spring break trip

How can you celebrate your week off from college without going broke?

Here's How Long It Takes to Burn Off Those Spring Break Cocktails

OK, how much do I need to work out to make my body forget Spring break even happened?"

TravelMag’s survey has revealed Panama City Beach is favorite spring break destination.

The 20 most popular spring break locations worldwide based on Google search queries.

There's still time to plan a great spring break trip

3/2/2016 | These 10 U.S. destinations are some of the cheapest and buzzworthy this season...

9 Ways You Spent Spring Break In The '90s

3/1/2016 | The '90s were a much different time, so of course the ways we spent spring break back then were much different, too.

Chicago State University spring break cancelled due to budget impasse

2/24/2016 | Thousands of Chicago State University students are being forced to change their spring break plans because of lack of state funding.

Low Mexican Peso Encourages Arizonans to Travel for Spring Break 2016

2/22/2016 | College students are taking a second look at Mexico as an ideal destination, thanks to its weak peso and despite travel alerts.....

Department of State Resources to Encourage Spring Break Safety

2/17/2016 | We encourage families and students to stay safe this Spring Break and read our tips for traveling abroad....

What you should know about Zika virus

IDS 2/14/2016 | Knowing the facts about the Zika virus can prevent you from contracting it....

The Government rules on Spring Break Zika Travel: Party On!

Washington Examiner 2/8/2016 | "We're not cancelling Spring Break," said CDC principal deputy director Dr. Anne Schuchat...

The Most Affordable Spring Break Destinations

The most wallet-friendly over the entire nine-week period: Cancun (a whopping 45 percent cheaper than it was in 2015), Panama City Beach (11 percent cheaper), and San Diego (6 percent cheaper).

How to spring break on a student budget..

Mashable 2/5/16 - Pool your resources and start planning the ultimate spring break that won't break the bank...

Passports - Apply or Renew Sooner than Later...

NY Times 1/26/16 - If you need a passport for Spring Break 2016, the State Department is expecting a flood of renewals and first-time applications.

It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Spring Break Travel

Yahoo News 1/15/16 - Booking early comes with a whole host of benefits. Here is why:

Making Spring Break 2016 in Padre Island Bigger & Better

Padre Island 1/7/16 - CMG Media, Isla Grand Resort, Studentcity & Global Groove are partnering together to bring more events to Padre Island for Spring Break 2016.

PCB Still Spring Break Capital of the World

PRWEB 9/15 - Panama City Beach’s local business owners are all united in our effort to provide students with a fun, safe and memorable Spring Break 2016 experience.

New 'Spring Jam' proposed in Panama City Beach for 2016

PCB to invest about $1.7 million in expenses to put on “Spring Jam” event to be held March 31 through April 2.

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