January 15th Update Panama City Beach's most popular Party Card for over twenty (20) years comes to Lake Havasu in 2017 as the Havasumaniac Card.

Best known for its huge Spring Break boat parties in the canyons of the 45 mile long reservoir lake behind the Parker Dam and on the beaches along the channel approaching the London Bridge, Lake Havasu provides a unique Spring Break experience for students in Arizona, Las Vegas and beyond.

SWAT the primary Spring Break tour operator and promoter responsible for the bulk of the organized Spring Break activities for the last seven years at the Nautical Beachfront Resort will not be back for Spring Break 2017.

Lake Havasu has been one of the most popular in-land Spring Break destinations in the United States for students in the southwest. Located only two hours south of Las Vegas, it hosts over 15,000+ students each year based on 2013 statistics.

Summer Winter Action Tours(SWAT) announced in September that they will be moving the SWATOPOIA event from Lake Havasu to a new venue in Rosarito Beach, Mexico for Spring Break 2017.

SWAT executive Vice President, Matt Sostanian cited rising costs costs for staging SWATOPIA events and growing competition from other events during Spring Break like Coachella.

The London Bridge Resort also responsible for several Spring Break activities that it promotes through it’s website http://azspringbreak.com. The Kokomo Beach, Surf, and Party Bar is also located in the resort.