When is Spring Break 2016

Spring Break for most US and Canadian students occurs during the first few weeks of March.

Spring Break Europe varies by country and province. We will be adding links to those dates shortly.

Spring Break Down Under or Schoolies occurs in the fall around November. See our story on Spring Break Fiji.

US Colleges A-G
Adelphi Univ 03/12/2016
Albright College 03/12/2016
Alfred State College 03/12/2016
Alfred Univ 03/12/2016
Allegheny College 03/12/2016
Amherst College 03/12/2016
Anne Arundel Comm Coll 03/12/2016
Arizona State Univ 03/05/2016
Assumption College 03/05/2016
Auburn Univ 03/05/2016
Augustana College 02/20/2016
Babson College 03/12/2016
Barnard College 03/12/2016
Baylor Univ 03/05/2016
Bentley Univ 03/05/2016
Berkeley College 03/28/2016
Berkeley College - Lower Manhattan 03/28/2016
Berkeley College - Midtown 03/28/2016
Binghamton Univ April 12
Bloomsburg Univ of Pennsylvania 03/12/2016
Boston College 03/12/2016
Boston Univ 03/05/2016
Bowdoin College 03/05/2016
Bowling Green State Univ 03/05/2016
Bradley Univ 03/12/2016
Brandeis Univ 03/25/2016
Bridgewater State Univ 03/05/2016
Brookdale Comm College 03/12/2016
Brown Univ 03/26/2016
Bryant College 03/05/2016
Bryn Mawr College 03/05/2016
Bucknell Univ 03/05/2016
Buffalo State 03/05/2016
Butler Univ 03/12/20166
Cabrini College 03/12/2016
California Univ of Pennsylvania 03/12/2016
Canisius College 03/12/2016
Carl Sandburg College 03/05/2016
Cernegie Mellon Univ 03/05/2016
Castleton State College 03/28/2016
Catholic Univ of America 03/05/2016
Cayuga Comm College 03/05/2016
Cazenovia College 03/05/2016
Cedar Crest College 03/12/2016
Central Conn State Univ 03/12/2016
Champlain College 03/12/2016
Chestnut Hill College 03/12/2016
Clarion Univ of Pennsylvania 03/12/2016
Clark Univ 03/05/2016
Clarkson Univ 03/05/2016
Clemson Univ 03/12/2016
Coastal Carolina Univ 03/05/2016
Colby College 03/26/2016
Colgate Univ 03/12/2016
College of Charleston 03/12/2016
College of DuPage 03/28/2016
College of the Holy Cross 03/12/2016
College of New Jersey 03/05/2016
College of Notre Dame Md 03/05/2016
College of William & Mary 03/12/2016
Colorado State Univ 03/12/2016
Columbia Univ-NY 03/12/2016
Connecticut College 03/05/2016
Cornell Univ 03/26/2016
Curry College 03/05/2016
Davidson College 03/12/2016
Dean College 03/05/2016
Delaware Valley College 03/05/2016
DePaul Univ 03/26/2016
Dickinson College 03/05/2016
Drexel Univ 03/12/2016
Duke Univ 03/05/2016
Duquesne Univ 03/12/2016
Dutchess C.C. 03/05/2016
East Carolina Univ 03/05/2016
Eastern Conn State Univ 03/12/2016
Eastern Illinois Univ 03/05/2016
Eastern Kentucky Univ 03/05/2016
Edinboro Univ of PA 03/12/2016
Endicott College 03/12/2016
Emerson College 03/12/2016
Fairfield Univ 03/26/2016
Fitchburg State College 03/05/2016
Florida State Univ 03/05/2016
Fordham Univ - Rose Hill 03/05/2016
Framingham State Univ 03/12/2016
Franklin Pierce College 03/12/2016
George Mason Univ 03/05/2016
Georgia State Univ 03/12/2016
Georgia Southern Univ 03/12/2016
Georgia Institute of Tech 03/12/2016
Georgia State Univ 03/12/2016
Georgetown Univ 03/05/2016
US Colleges H-N
Harvard Univ 03/12/2016
High Point Univ 03/12/2016
Hofstra Univ 03/12/2016
Illinois State Univ 03/05/2016
Indiana State Univ 03/05/2016
Indiana Univ Bloomington 03/12/2016
Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania 03/12/2016
Iona College 03/12/2016
Ithaca College 03/05/2016
James Madison Univ 03/05/2016
Johnson and Wales Univ 03/12/2016
Kansas State Univ 03/12/2016
Keen State College 03/12/2016
La Salle Univ 03/12/2016
Lafayette College 03/12/2016
Le Moyne College 03/12/2016
Lehigh Univ 03/12/2016
Louisiana State Univ - Baton Rouge 04-April-15
Loyola Univ in Maryland 03/12/2016
Manhattan College 03/12/2016
Marist College 03/12/2016
Merrimack College 03/12/2016
Miami Univ-OH 03/26/2016
Michigan State Univ 03/12/2016
Missouri State Univ 03/05/2016
Missouri Univ of Sci and Tech 03/05/2016
Mississippi State Univ 03/05/2016
New York Univ 03/12/2016
Northeastern Univ 03/12/2016
Northern Illinois Univ 03/05/2016
US Colleges O-U
Ohio Northern Univ 03/12/2016
Ohio State Univ-Main Campus 03/05/2016
Ohio Univ 03/12/2016
Oklahoma State Univ 03/12/2016
Pennsylvania State Univ - Main 03/05/2016
Plymouth State Univ 03/12/2016
Princeton Univ 03/12/2016
Purdue Univ-Main Campus 03/12/2016
Quinnipiac Univ 03/05/2016
Radford Univ 03/05/2016
Rensselaer Polytechnic 03/05/2016
Rhode Island College 03/05/2016
Rice Univ 03/12/2016
Roger Williams Univ 03/05/2016
Rowan Univ 03/12/2016
Rutgers Univ 03/12/2016
Sacred Heart Univ 03/12/2016
Saint Michael's College 03/12/2016
Salem State Univ - MA 03/05/2016
Salve Regina Univ 03/05/2016
Sam Houston State Univ 03/05/2016
Siena College 03/05/2016
Skidmore College 03/05/2016
Southern Conn State Univ 03/12/2016
St. Anselm College 03/12/2016
St. Josephs Univ 03/05/2016
Stonehill College 03/05/2016
Suffolk Univ 03/05/2016
SUNY at Albany 03/12/2016
SUNY at Binghamton April 12
SUNY at Buffalo 03/12/2016
SUNY College - Cortland 03/05/2016
SUNY College - Geneseo 03/12/2016
SUNY College - Oswego 03/12/2016
Syracuse Univ - Main 03/05/2016
Texas State Univ 03/05/2016
Towson Univ 03/12/2016
Trinity College 03/12/2016
Tufts Univ 03/12/2016
Tulane Univ of Louisianna 03/12/2016
U.S. Military Academy 03/12/2016
U.S. Naval Academy 03/05/2016
Univ of Akron - Main 03/26/2016
Univ of Arkansas 03/26/2016
Univ of Central Florida 03/12/2016
Univ of Connecticut at Storrs 03/12/2016
Univ of Delaware Mar 29
Univ of Florida 03/12/2016
Univ of Hartford 03/12/2016
Univ of Ill - Urbana Champaign 03/26/2016
Univ of Iowa 03/12/2016
Univ of Louisville 03/05/2016
Univ of MD - College Park 03/12/2016
Univ of Mass - Amherst 03/12/2016
Univ of Mass - Boston 03/12/2016
Univ of Mass - Dartmouth 03/12/2016
Univ of Mass - Lowell 03/12/2016
Univ of Nebrask - Lincoln 03/26/2016
Univ of New Hampshire 03/05/2016
Univ of New Haven 03/12/2016
Univ of NC at Chapel Hill 03/05/2016
Univ of Pittsburgh 03/05/2016
Univ of Rhode Island 03/05/2016
Univ of South Carolina 03/05/2016
Univ of Tennessee 03/12/2016
Univ of Texas - Austin 03/05/2016
Univ of Vermont 03/12/2016
Univ of Virginia 03/05/2016
US Colleges V-Z
Vanderbilt Univ 03/12/2016
Villanova Univ 03/12/2016
Virginia Polytechnic 03/05/2016
Wentworth Institute of Tech 03/05/2016
Wheaton College 03/05/2016
West Virginia Univ 03/05/2016
Western Illinois Univ 03/05/2016
Western Michigan Univ 03/12/2016
Western New England Univ 03/12/2016
Westfield State Univ 03/05/2016
Worcester Polytechnic 03/05/2016
Yale Univ 03/05/2016

Major Events That Will Impact Spring Break in 2016

Spring Break will begin as early as February 13th for Canadian colleges and it works it's way south over the next two weeks to colleges in Illinois, Indianna and Michigan. This year the first peak weeks will be Mar 4th to Mar 20th.

A list of colleges and their dates for Spring Break are in the next column. There are other major events that occur during February and Mar that you should be aware of when you are selecting your Spring Break destination.

These events effect the availability of rooms, airline seats and the volume of automobile traffic into and out of several popular Spring Break locations. Traffic along major beach access roads in Padre Island, Panama City Beach and Daytona is heavy.

Bike Week - Mar 4th - 13th

If you are headed to Daytona Beach, Bike Week Daytona this year takes place from Mar 4th - 13th. Daytona is packed all week until people head home on Sunday. There are plenty of rooms from Mar 15th until Easter Vacation which starts on Good Friday April 3rd.

Texas Public Schools Week 2016 - Feb 29th - March 4th

If you are headed to South Padre Island, Texas Public Schools Week takes place Feb 29th - March 4th.

WMC 2016 TBA - Last Year - Mar 24th - 28th

If you are headed to Miami or South Beach, The Winter Music Conference (WMC) took place from Mar 24th to Mar 28th last year. 2016 dates have not yet been announcedThe WMC heats up the clubs in the area with Guest Dj from all over the world. The downside is it makes it harder to find rooms and airline reservations if you are flying down.

Easter Weekend - April 3rd - 5th

Easter weekend effects all of the popular destinations. Most familys that go on a Family Spring Break usually go Easter Weekend as most public schools have Easter Break before or after Easter. This year Easter Celebration will be Sunday April 5th.

Planning Your Spring Break Trip

It will soon be time to booking travel for Spring Break . As usual, most U.S. colleges will break during Mar this year. Easter Vacation will begin with Good Friday on April 3rd and Easter will be on April 5th.

Most K-12 schools in the United States schedule their Spring Breaks to coincide with Easter and Passover In order to make "Family Spring Break" vacations possible, This means that most people going on a Spring Break vacation will be going during the last two weeks of April and so if your Spring Break is in April you need to think about making your reservations earlier.

The major tour operators buy large blocks of rooms from the popular Spring Break hotels and they use charter air services for travel to international destinations, so they are not impacted by the Easter overlap. However, if you are planning to book your own air travel, you should start thinking about buying your tickets pretty soon.

Booking Now Provides More Options...

Hotels are a little less of a problem as "Family Spring Breakers" make an effort to avoid the major Spring Break hotels and condo's plus they can afford to stay at more upscale resort properties. However, as the most popular Spring Break fill up, it will be harder to find space at the surrounding mid-range hotels due to the increased demand.

Yeah, it is a pain to have to pay for a deposit now, but there are advantages to booking early. First you have a better choice of hotels to choose from and you can request specific room amenities like kitchenettes or adjoining rooms. You also have a better chance of getting everybody in your group on the same floor or at least the same hotel.

If money is a problem for you right now, many of the Spring Break Tour Operators have flexible payment plans. Most Tour Operators will allow you to make an initial deposit now and then a single final payment before you leave on your trip. Several of the Tour Operators also have monthly payment plans and in some cases the amount of the initial deposit be reduced.

So, however you are planning to travel, start making your plans now so you can get into one of the popular Spring Break hotels. And if your Spring Break is in April, don't get caught in the collision of Spring Break and Easter.

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