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Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green - Tony, Chuck and John
Defiance College - Heather, Jill and Angie
Denison University - Sakeya and Renita
Hiram College - Willy and Leann
Lexington - Nickie, Michele, Regan and Candie
Miami University - Jon and Jon
Miami University - Anita and Amy
Miami University - Cory and Eric
Miami University - Jeff
Muskingum College - Amy, Michelle, Anna, Janine, Amy and Terri
Ohio State University - Columbus - Jamie and Jackie
Ohio State University - Columbus - Kurt, Jim, Chris and Anthony
Ohio State University - Columbus - Brian, Dave and Shawn
Ohio State University - Columbus - Kim and Jen
Ohio State University - Columbus - Eric
Ohio State University - Columbus - Ohio State University Bus
Ohio State University and Ohio University - Party Machine!
Ohio University - Julie and Ali
Ohio University - Justin and John
University of Akron - Jill and Jackie
University of Akron - Candise on Bike
University of Cincinnati - Marge and Ed
University of Cincinnati - Consuela, Nadia and Jerrice
University of Cincinnati - Joe, Donnie and Roger
University of Dayton - Patrick, Mike and Patrick
Wright State University - Jamie and Gabrielle
Wright State and University of Cincinnati - Mark and Keri
Youngstown State University - Judi, Britteny, Kym
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