Brevard Community College - Mary
Central Florida Community College - Kristy, Julie, Kelly, Staci and Lisa
Daytona Beach Community College - Mike and Friends
Daytona Beach Community College - Christie and Heather
Daytona Beach Community College - Mike and Erica
Daytona Beach Community College - Sylvester, Lou and Alphonso
Daytona Beach Community College - Keva
Daytona Beach Community College - Michael and Brittany
Daytona Beach Community College - Alicia, Mia and Shawna
Daytona Beach Public Safety - Law and Order
Daytona Beach Public Safety - Sean and Smokey
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Steve, Danielle and Marko
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Miquel, Alex and friends
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Bennett
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Michael and Christina
Enjoying the Beach! - Chuck
Enjoying the Beach! - Mandy and Casey
Enjoying the Beach! - Tricia and Scott at Sprint Booth
FIU, Thomas More College, Marion Military Insti. - Spring Breakers
Florida State University - Hope and Jessica
Florida State University - Tyler
Florida State University - Allison and Connie
Florida State University - Emily and Heather
Florida State University - Jeanne
Florida State University - Breakers
Florida State University - Gary and Suzanne
Florida State University - Breakers buying Ice Cream
Florida State University - Nicki and Beth
Jacksonville University - Stacy
Lake Mary High School - Strolling the Beach!
Life Experiences Institute - John and Miriam
Manatee Community College - Pat, Charlie, Amber and Sheila
Mayport Naval Base - Joe and Dan
Miami-Dade Community College South - Spring Breakers
Ocala Community College - Aaron and Brent
Orlando Naval Training Center - Navy Guys
Ormand Middle School - Mike and Mike
Seminole Community College - Carol and Adria
Seminole Community College - Sarah and Tammy
Stetson University - Andrea and Robin
Stetson University - Ronna, Linney, Jessica
Stetson and University of Central Florida - Mario and Lisa
USS Phillipine - James, Stephanie and Atton
University of Central Florida - Bill and Mike
University of Central Florida - Becky and Mike
University of Central Florida - Joanna and Jennifer
University of Central Florida - Ghovanny
University of Central Florida - Mohamad
University of Central Florida - Mark and Patricia
University of Central Florida - Jamie and Maeve
University of Central Florida - Kendrick, Line Backer for the Knights
University of Central Florida - Amy, Lisa and Angela
University of Central Florida - Shane
University of Florida - Little John, Ian, Mike and JJ
University of Florida - Jenny
University of Florida - Andrew
University of Florida - Breakers
University of North Florida - Spring Breakers
University of South Florida - Scott and Chris
University of South Florida - Jon, Mike and Brian
University of South Florida - Hugo, Tony, Kim (Coke)
Valencia Community College - Hector and Orionix
Valencia Community College - Jody and Gina
Valencia Community College - Jennifer and Jessica

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