Tour Operators

There must be over 20 different tour operators providing travel packages for Spring Break. The quality of service and product from each vendor vary so you need to look carefully before you make your selection.

Tou operators specialize in providing the best available tours at competitive prices. They offer a wide variety of destinations to meet both your tastes, as well as your budget. Because they specialize in student travel, the hotels they book are usually filled with lots of students!

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Do you know what services a Tour Operator provides or when you can get cheaper rates at the most popular destinations?

Story Abouts Jobs Offered by tour Opeators That Allow You to Earn a Free Spring Break

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Why Buy Your Spring Break Room or Trip from a Tour Operator or Travel Agent?

Most Tour Operators know what hotels & condominiums are the most popular places to stay in all the Spring Break locations that they offer. This shared knowledge can be very beneficial to your spring break experience.

Most Tour Operators receive discounts on hotel rooms, condominiums, airfares, bus seats, hotel transfers, etc… The volume of business Tour Operators produce in a Spring Break location can results in lower prices. Many Tour Operators are more than willing to pass some, if not a substantial amount of these savings on to their customers. These savings can result in lower prices than the customer could have gotten from the hotel or condominium direct or if they had tried to construct the entire trip themselves.

Many Tour Operators offer a "Value Added" incentive to the room or trip package they are selling. Example: Nightclub admissions, parties, etc…They also may offer an option to "Upgrade" your party package, by offering additional parties, drink specials, nightclub admissions and more. The "Upgrades" that come with your room or travel package purchase are offered at an additional nominal cost.

Many Tour Operators offer meal Plans at their Spring break Locations. These can sometimes save you money, but expect to leave a tip, pay for your beer and possibly upgrade your meal for a minimal charge.

Some Tour Operators can offer you a shorter or longer hotel stay if you desire. They can quote you a customized package price for your desired length of stay. This offering is more prevalent for travel within the U.S. (domestic destination).

Note: You can purchase most Tour Operator packages from your local travel agency for the same rate as if you went directly to the Tour Operator. If your travel agent is not familiar with the Tour Operator you have chosen to travel with, you can provide the agency with the phone number or web address yourself.

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