Spring Break Road Tips

Traveling by car can offer some ways to save money, it can also end up being expensive than you planned especially with gas prices.You have to know what you're doing. The trick to keeping a road trip cheap while still having fun is a combination of planning, knowing where and what to do and some common sense.

Trip Planning: use the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator to get a current estimate of trip costs based on the your car and your destination. You can also check with Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas at you destination.



but AE has announced that it will be back in Cancun again this year and will present two live performances.


Fall Out Boy will headline the first concert on Tuesday March 4th. The concert location will again be at The Club.


Akon will be back this year in Cancun at the Club on Tuesay March 11th. Akon really mixes it up as you can see from the video clip from his 2007 MTV Spring Break Concert.


Concert Schedule for the Club


The Club is one of the top clubs in Cancun with three dance floors, nine bars including a VIP bar. In addition to the "State of the Art" Sound system with over 1,000,000 watts of sound they have several video screens.