Earn a Free 2011 Spring Break Trip by Serving as a Company Rep

Are you the life of the party? Accustomed to organizing parties or activities for your friends or college organizations? Or know at least 15 people who are looking for some fun in the sun for Spring Break 2011? That’s all it takes to qualify for a free trip with the best companies arranging SB tours. Plus, the more additional people you get to come along for the biggest party of the year, the more cold, hard cash you can earn on top of your free trip.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! Actually, it’s as simple as ONE-TWO-THREE:

1) First, decide where you want to go. Interested in attending a classic Spring Break location, like Daytona Beach or Fort Lauderdale? Want to party with MTV in Panama City, or with Mickey in Orlando? Or maybe you are looking for something more exotic, like Jamaica or the Bahamas? Of course, you can always practice your Spanish if you go to Cancun or Mazatlan…..

TIP: When looking to become a campus rep, keep in mind not only your personal preferences, but what will "sell" at your school. The more exotic places may sound more intriguing, but they are also more expensive and you may have trouble making your minimum if your student population is on a tight budget.

2) There are 10 or more tour companies that have "rep" programs, so research the tour companies going to your destination and decide which tour you would like to promote. Stick to established firms with proven track records and good reputations….after all, you don’t want to be stuck holding the bag for some fly-by-night company that takes your friends’ money and doesn’t provide the promised services.

TIP: Remember, being "real" works. Choose a company and destination that you are truly excited about yourself, and you will have an easier time convincing others to come along. But if you have any doubts about the company, others will pick that up, regardless of what you may be saying. In that case, signing them up will be like trying to push a rope uphill.

Promotion is the Key!

3) After finalizing your arrangements with your designated company, promote, promote, PROMOTE! Fortunately, the companies make it easy for you, because they provide marketing materials like advertising posters, promotional brochures, suggested copy and camera-ready artwork for newspaper ads, etc. Talk it up with your friends and organizations, and have them talk it up with their friends. And don’t worry, you don’t have to handle the money arrangements—the companies will take care of the business end, and the contract with be with the travel corporation, not with you. No legal commitments, no need to be responsible for the money, or anything like that. Just let everyone know about the party you are arranging, make it sound irresistible, and sign ‘em up for the best time of the year!

TIP: In your enthusiasm for promoting your trips, make sure not to over promise. Be VERY clear yourself about what IS and IS NOT included in the tour packages you are representing, and make sure that your customers are clear as well. Integrity is very important in this business, because people are paying in advance for something they haven’t seen. They are trusting you when you say the hotel will have specific accommodations or that the party card will get you into a certain number of places, etc. If you get a reputation for overselling or for not delivering on your promises, people will not sign up for your tours.


Tour Operators Offering Jobs

Inertia Tours

Inertia Tours.com, the fastest growing student travel Company in the United States, is seeking individuals for a variety of fun positions. Our Company spells high energy & excitement, and we’re looking for individuals that are success­minded, and are curious about pursuing a position in travel.


Paradise Parties

Paradise Parties Spring Break Vacations is one of the largest student tour operators in North America. We sell All Inclusive Spring Break Packages tp Cancun, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Jamaica, Bahamas, Florida and South Padre. We are one of the most respected names in the business, and we are looking for dedicated individuals to join our staff!



Sign up to be a campus rep and earn easy cash. Earn TWO free trips! Gain valuable resume experience. We are looking for personable and motivated students to help us promote Spring Break travel packages. We compensate our reps with cash commissions and free trips.


STA Travel, Inc.

STA Travel's Brand Ambassador Program is an opportunity for undergraduate students and recent graduates to work as part of the fun, spirited culture of STA Travel during the Fall and Spring Semesters.  Brand Ambassadors are responsible for driving awareness of STA Travel through events and outreach programs on their local campuses and in the community.


Student Travel Services, Glen Burnie, Md.

Top STS Reps have made over $15,000 working part time in a semester. After graduation, STS Reps have moved on to become successful entrepreneurs, managers, and marketing executives. Some reps continue their careers with STS here in our corporate office as Sales Representatives, Regional Sales Managers, Promotions Managers and Destination Managers.


Student City, Peabody, Mass

Love Spring Break? Love traveling for nothing* even more? Work for StudentCity and get amazing perks, and so much more! If you're looking for a part-time job that you'll love, then we are looking for YOU! StudentCity.com is currently hiring Campus Managers at all Colleges and Universities across the nation.


Sun Splash, Jersey City, NJ

Sell 15 Spring Break trips and you get 2 FREE Spring Break trips. Then, on top of that you get paid the highest commission in the industry for each additional sale! As a Sun Splash Tours Rep, you also enjoy all the perks of our VIP program. Upon arrival into the Spring Break destination of your choice, receive the ultimate treatment all week long.

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