Planning Your Spring Break Trip

It's is time to booking travel for Spring Break. As usual, most U.S. colleges will break during March, but 2008 is a leap year and that means that Easter Vacation will also occur during March this season.

Most K-12 schools in the United States schedule their Spring Breaks to coincide with Easter and Passover In order to make "Family Spring Break" vacations possible, This means that most people going on a Spring Break vacation will be going during March and you need to think about making your reservations earlier.

The major tour operators buy large blocks of rooms from the popular Spring Break hotels and they use charter air services for travel to international destinations, so they are not impacted by the Easter overlap. However, if you are planning to book your own air travel, you should start thinking about buying your tickets pretty soon.

Booking Now Provides Options...

Hotels are a little less of a problem as "Family Spring Breakers" make an effort to avoid the major Spring Break hotels and condo's plus they can afford to stay at more upscale resort properties. However, as the most popular Spring Break fill up, it will be harder to find space at the surrounding mid-range hotels due to the increased demand.

Yeah, it is a pain to have to pay for a deposit now, but there are advantages to booking early. First you have a better choice of hotels to choose from and you can request specific room ementies like kitchettes or adjoining rooms. You also have a better chance of getting everybody in your group on the same floor or al least the same hotel.

If money is a problem right now, many of the Spring Break Tour Operators have flexible payment plans. Most Tour Operators will allow you to make an initial deposit now and then a single final payment before you leave on your trip. Several of the Tour Operators also have monthly payment plans and in some cases the amount of the initial deposit be reduced.

So, however you are planning to travel, start making your plans now so you don't get caught in the collision of Spring Break and Easter.



Cost Saving Ideas....

"Consumers will pay on average 10-12 percent more for spring break this year for travel," said John Rauser, a Farecast Fareologist. "We are seeing the impact of numerous factors impacting pricing including rising oil prices and fuel surcharges, rumors of consolidation and reduced capacity, emphasizing that consumers need to be smart when knowing when to fly and buy this season."

They also suggest: Avoid Expensive Party Hotspots: For the budget-conscious college traveler, March party hotspots such as Cancun will cost college students on average $400-500 per ticket(Airfare). For saving money and fun in the sun, consider traveling to less busy destinations such as Nassau, Bahamas, or Puerto Vallarta where fares can be $30-90 less.

Travel Tuesday-Tuesday: When it comes to the day of week you fly, travel on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will typically cost you an extra $50/ticket. If you don't need to be back at work or school, a seven-night Tuesday to Tuesday trip can be a lot cheaper than leaving on a weekend. Prices for spring break travel in mid-March or later start to vary much more by departure day of week, so if you can make a Tuesday or Wednesday departure work, you can expect to save $50/ticket.

Find Beach Breaks for East Coast Travelers: East coast travelers looking for beach getaways will find Nassau in the Bahamas a relative value at $350. For domestic travel, Florida is your least expensive option from the East Coast; tickets to Miami and Orlando can be had for well under $300. East Coast travelers may want to avoid Hawaii this
year, as average prices from east coast cities are up $100 over 2007.