MTV 2007 Schedule for Cancun

MtvU hasannounced that they will again return to CANCUN, MEXICO, from March 4th through March 16th with live concerts, games, prizes, free stuff and more.

The last major event in Cancun was in 2005.

While specific show details have not be released the following celebrities are scheduled to appear:

Laguna Beach's Kyndra, will be hanging out on the beach at The Oasis during the day, March 6, 11-15, 20th. Cameron, and Dieter from Laguna Beach will be at The Oasis and The City this year, March 4-8th.

Jenn and Davis fresh off their stint on MTV's Real World Denver, will be making appearances at The City and the Oasis Cancun Beach. Jenn 2.24 - 3/10 & Davis 3/18 - 3/28

If you have always wanted to be in the spotlight, the producers are looking for personal stories and videos. You can check out their "Casting Call" webpage.


Events in 2005 included:

Club Cancun - Hot bodies grinding to today's hottest hits while contestants competed against each other in the ultimate dance challenge.

Parental Approval - Five hopeful bachelors sweated it out under the probing scrutiny of both their potential date AND her parent.



Events Last Year in PCB

Live performances included - Matchbook Romance and Lil' Wayne, Hawthorne Heights and Juelz Santana and HelloGoodbye and Armor for Sleep.

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