Spring Break Europe at Zrce Beach

Spring Break Europe has been promoted in Europe since at least 2008. While relatively small by comparison to US Spring Break destinations or Cancun, it is a good beginning towards spreading spread this "rite of passage" to european students.

Some of the tour operators like Splash Line also specialize in "youth marketing" and work with corporations and media companies, such as the ORF, 3, MESSENGER, NEWS, A1, NOKIA, PEOPLE'S BANK, RED BULL, SWATCH, HERVIS, NIKE as event sponsors and partners which helps to make Spring Break Europe have the same "look and feel" like the event in Spring Break for American students.

You can take a look at last years event by viewing the Youtube clip, upper left and there are several videos on the Spring Break Europe Facebook site.

Spring Break Europe '12

Some picures from this year the fifth year of the event produced by Splash Line.

DJs performed throughout the event and there was plenty of sun bathing in between boat and beach parties.

Beach Shots


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