Suiting Up-Spring Break Gear for 2013

Did you know that there are 19 different kinds of Bikinis? COED’s Comprehensive Spring Break Bikini Guide provides examples of the Bandeaukini, Bikini, Short Bikini, Camikini, Clip Bikini, Microkini, Monokini, Numokini, Pubikini, Seekini, Tankini, Trikini and the Unikini.

You're on Spring Break and you want to get noticed for all the right reasons. And guess what.. beach fashion isn't just for women anymore. There's no need to fear the dressing room. This is the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love and designers have turned up the heat and come up with an assortment of swimwear for both sexes.

For guys... styles run the gamut from sunny retro board short to surfer chic. And heck, who said you had to be a surfer to dress like

Retro is also one the hottest trends for the summer for women. Retro classics are back featuring swirls and polka dots. But don't worry your polka dot bikini doesn't have to be itsy bitsy or teeny weeny...

Swimsuit bottoms this year are offering a bit more coverage than in the past. A few of the patterns to look out for are bright geometric prints, florals and bikinis with bright white backgrounds inspired by the '60s and '70s.

The "must haves" this summer are swimwear accessories. It's surfer girl all the way when it comes to jewelry such as ankle bracelets and stone necklaces. And don't forget about the essential coverage. The prettiest way to accentuate your bathing suit is by covering it up with a sarong, poncho or a matching slip on skirt.

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