Spring Break 2011 Events at Panama City Beach, Florida

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Color Coded Event Legend:

Panamanic Card Spinaker VIP Vela Platinum Card Club Vela Card

There are huge clubs and bars that really cater to students. Panama City is home to Club La Vela, the largest beach club in the United States. Other big spots include Spinnaker, Harpoon Harry’s, Sharky’s and Hamerhead Fred’s.

Party Cards like the Panamanic Club Card are avilable to get you into the best parties at a bargin price.

There are corporate sponsored events during the day by Sports Illustrated, Jansen, National Lampoon, etc. Most of the activities and contests takes place on the beach behind the Holiday Sunspree or over at the larger clubs.

The calendar has the locations and times for the Panamanic Card, Club Vela Party Cards and the Spiniker VIP Cards. Additional events will be added as we are notified. If you have an event to be listed email us and we will do our best to get it up on the calendar ASAP. Title it -- Panama City Event 2010: <Description>


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