Spring Break 2013: Is Ft Lauderdale Making a Come Back or is SoBe Style Migrating North?

Road tripping to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break 2013 is making a come back with a new 20,000 square–foot beachside night club called Exit 66. The 60's imagery seems appropriate s the club is located half a block away from the historic Elbo Room Bar,featured in the Spring Break movie classic "Where the Boys Are."

Billing itself as "More than just a destination point, Exit 66 is your road to nightlife. A fusion of the all American life, with a dose of 60’s American kitsch, wrapped up in the sex appeal of the eternal mud flap vixen."

If you should decide to take your Spring Break in the historic tradition of road tripping to Ft Lauderdale, a new world-class nightclub awaits. Exit 66, is an new entertainment multiplex by the guys that brought you Miami's Crobar who are aiming to put Ft. Lauderdale back on the map, for the right reasons.

The nightclub is comprised of a myriad of thoughtfully designed and blue collar vogue inspired room concepts with something for every Spring Break party animal.

Exit 66 Voted the Best Dance Club!

Whether one’s taste be for retro Polynesian pop at Chiki Tiki, a beach side retreat (Giligans Island), The Hustler at Cool Pool (inspired by Paul Newman’s 1963 billiards film, The Hustler), or should their hunger need satisfying, a classic American menu is available at Woody’s Pleasure Liner Diner (a rock ‘n’ roll bar). Though, should even the most ambitious care to venture past the velvet ropes into VIP Burlesque territory, they will enjoy only the best of Madame B.Atch’s Bunny Ranch.

Dominated by only the most classic of American icons such as Clint Eastwood, Paul McCartney and Steve McQueen and road trip artifacts, Exit 66 will give the Bates Motel a run for their money as a harmonious collection of vintage, archetypal nostalgia fills it’s landscape and amuses you by the truckful, ‘cuz after all, distinction, scandal and style is always made in the USA.

Hours: 9 p.m.-4 a.m. Wednesday; 9 p.m.-4 a.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday until the party is over.

Address: 219 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-357-9981

Address: 219 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-357-9981

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