Technical Notes:

The images in the Spring Break Yearbook data base were digitized at 24 bits or 16 million colors and then processed to reduce the color information to 256 optimized colors. The pictures you see on your computer screen should look near-photographic quality. If you are seeing cartoonish, or strangely colored pictures it is because your computer display card is not set correctly. Some older computers were only capable of displaying 16 or 256 system colors and the pictures in the Yearbook will look really yucky.

If you are using a Mac, click on the Apple symbol in the upper left corner of the screen. Then click on Control Panels, then Monitors. The system will tell you what color resolution you have currently selected and show what options are available. Select the highest color resolution available.

If you have a PC computer that will display 65 thousand colors or 16 million colors and you are still not seeing a real-life photographic image, you will need to change the Windows Display Driver that you currently have loaded and use the Custom Windows Display Driver that comes from the manufacturer of the display card. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer and load the Windows Drivers and then try browsing the Yearbook. If you are like most of us you have no clue where to find your Windows Display Driver diskette. In that case, try to follow these general steps:

  1. Look for a Graphics Driver Icon on your desktop; click and let it guide you.
  2. No Graphics Driver Icon? Open the MAIN group window.
  3. Click on the Windows Setup Icon.
  4. Click on Options.
  5. Click on Change System Settings.
  6. Click on Display.
  7. Scroll the Display choices and look for something like this: 640x480x17M or 640X480x64K (something higher than 640x480x265).
  8. Click on your choice.

Note: If you change your system from 256 colors to 65K or 16 million colors you may find that some applications behave differently. Most applications are written or tested to use the standard VGA display modes used in Windows. The drivers from the manufacturer of your display card may respond differently, depending on what version they are or how old they are. You shouldn't have a problem, but we just wanted to alert you to the possibility. If you need to change back to standard VGA mode, just re-install the standard VGA driver in Windows Setup, in MAIN.

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