David Lipscomb University - Jill, Shannon, Charlotte and Jennifer
East Tennessee State University - Kim, Alyssa, Kristen and Jennifer
East Tennessee State University - Teresa
East Tennessee State University - Cindy, Sandi and Jennifer
East Tennessee State University - Kristen
Lambuth University - Breakers
Lambuth University - Shannon, Danielle, Gina and Alicia
Lambuth University and Jackson State - Suzann, Deborah and Rachel
Middle Tennessee State University - Jeremy
Middle Tennessee State University - Kim and Rhonda
Middle Tennessee State University - Stacie and Raquel
St. Andrews - Lacey and Jay
Tennessee Technological University - Lehra and Donice
Tennessee Technological University - Darrin and Suzanne
University of Tennessee - Chattanooga - Brandon and Angie
University of Tennessee - Chattanooga - Susan, Spring and Rhonda
University of Tennessee - Chattanooga - Cheryl, Jill, Brenda, Laura and Jennifer
University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Spring Breakers
University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Heather and Allison
University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Azi, Abe and Sarah
University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Fara, Leigh and Jill
University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Jillian and Michelle
University of Tennessee - Memphis - Sigma Chi

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