Bloomsburg University - Priscilla, Michelle, Lori, Melissa, Greg, Andy, Dan, Patrick
Bloomsburg University - Yen, Polly, Gretchen, Colleen and Kyra
Bloomsburg University - Jenn and Kirstin
Bucknell University - Chris, Heather and Mark
California University of Pennsylvania - Mike and Chad
California University of Pennsylvania - Mark and Meredith
Delaware Valley - Jason and Jim
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania - Jake and Dave
Enjoying the Beach! - Tom
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania - Christen, Mary, Beth
Mercyhurst College - Abbie and friends
Penn State - Greg, Vaughn, Dave, Alonzo and Graham
University of Pittsburgh - Acacia/Delta Chi
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown - Phi Sigs
University of Scranton - Rorry, Dave, Dirk, Joe
Washington and Jefferson College - Lauren and Renee
Washington and Jefferson College - Missy and Kerrie
Washington and Jefferson College - Delta Gamma
Westchester University - Jill, Jennifer, Celeste and Stacy

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