Eastern Kentucky University - Randy, Shawn and Kevin
Eastern Kentucky University - Tina and Heather
Eastern Kentucky University - Andy, Jimmy, Clayton and Chad
Eastern Kentucky University - Jaime, Cassie and Lisa
Eastern Kentucky University - Eric and Ashley
Georgetown College - Blair, Malisha and Sallee
Morehead State - Mitch, Steve and Rodney
Morehead State University - Dana
Morehead State University - Danny and Regina
Murray State University - Dana, Lori, Sonya, Lori, Julie, Stephanie and Carol
Murray State University - Lori, Julie and Stephanie
Murray State University - Stephanie and Carol
Murray State University - Lori, Sonya and Lori
Northern Kentucky University - Shawn, Mik and Jamie
University of Kentucky - Andy, Charlie, Lee and Steve
University of Kentucky - Shane, Russ, Ashley, Rance, Albert and Derick
University of Kentucky - Ann and Brandi
University of Kentucky - Brian, Asha and Carolyn
University of Kentucky - Mark, Keith and Warren
University of Kentucky - Cory, Cary, Lee and Darren
Western Kentucky University - Jeremy, Ryan and Matt
Western Kentucky University - Julie and Natalie
Western Kentucky University - Group Shot

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